The origin of Sexual Perversions (Part 1)

Man is a social being, but above all, he is a biological-physical being. The opposition or the denial of his natural sexual instincts -many times presented as a great feat- became a “divine worthiness” which acted as a suppression and manipulation tool for the masses, by religious and political leaders, who took advantage of their power and influence. “Pioneer” leaders were always the founders of unnatural philosophical theories and religious doctrines over the centuries of human history.

Since its beginning, religion tried to answer some of the most common human existential questions/theories, so it has established as a representative and institution of social concerns. Various priesthoods were the first paid groups for this kind of “social offer”. Simple people, usually uneducated, ignorant or illiterate, chose them as their spiritual saviors, rewarding them richly for their mediation to diminish the “divine wrath” or increase the “divine favor”… Love and sexual intercourse were basic elements of those primal social structures, but the existence of woman, due to her biological construction, was considered “problematic”, beyond any reasonable explanation, unthinkable,  …even magical!

Especially men but also women themselves were surprised by all those psychosomatic behavior/changes, like her bleeding cycle of menstruation, her pregnancy, the parturition or lactation… It was for those reasons that tribal officiate medicine-men, witch doctors, conjurors of primal religions that they dealt with women either as divine entities, making them priestesses and prophets or as harmful demonic creatures…

Pregnancy and lactation

Thus, the sexual intercourse with a woman has been praised either as a divine offer of fertility or condemned as carnal pleasure, bestial sin and dislike to God. That belief took extreme and unacceptable proportions in Christianity through asceticism, monasticism and doctrines of the clergy. The condemnation of all carnal pleasures, especially of the genitals –which were thought as the Satan’s way to get their souls- is considered one of the major issues in the history of Christianity and its heresies. Therefore, the idea of virginity and what it stood for, was the major point of reference for Man’s sanctity and deification. As a result of all these beliefs, sexual perversions were born, as an opposition to natural human sexual behavior…

First Perversion: Virginity

Christianity raised the morality of virginity to higher levels than it was in times before Christ. Christian Church and Gospels are teaching that virginity is morally preferable than marriage. According to theologians and mystics, those who keep their virginity (men or women) due to their religious beliefs, they are more “free” to devote themselves to God’s services and they are also likened to the lifestyle of Jesus.

Christianity vehemently attacked and fought any idea or action of flesh’s desire and sexual intercourse, incubating and deifying perverse or unnatural, abnormal situations. Christianity after all, is a religion who’s missing the feminine element of fertility… (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit). Theologically as a Religion, it focuses on human genitalia more than it should. As a result, genitals are overemphasized for their primary role in life, since the sexual instinct of reproduction is not just a temporary desire, but aims to the perpetuation of life, based on the instinct of self-preservation.

For Christianity, feminine sexuality is disdained and any sexual intercourse is like a “necessary evil”, used only for reproduction and within marriage.  Sexual intercourse after pregnancy, is considered as prostitution. After the Second Vatican Council in the ‘60’s, the Vatican Church teaches that sexual intercourse should only take place between a married couple, and should be without the use of artificial birth control or contraception. Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity, according to Vatican Church, are masturbation, fornication, pornography, homosexual practices and artificial contraception. Besides of being considered a grave sin, the procurement of or assistance in abortion can carry the penalty of excommunication.

chastity belt

The first real chastity belts were crafted the 19th century, not to protect virginity or prevent sexual intercourse but rather than to keep boys and girls off from masturbating…

The polarized way of thinking between opposites like body vs soul, private/personal beliefs vs church’s doctrine, sexuality vs sexual abstinence, forced people to choose “sides” resulting the aberration of natural human life and causing side effects as asceticism, monasticism, an anti-erotic behavior of religious masses and abomination even for their own bodies.  We can only imagine the consequences in the conformation of a child’s personality, since the early years of their lives, they were being taught that virginity and abstinence of any natural sexuality, is the God’s way of living… Finally, it was a matter of time, before hatred and fanaticism to anything that causes sexual stimulation, gave birth to misogyny, another deviant human behavior, that religiosity could be proud of.

Eventually, human personality comes to its adulthood with many phobias, guilt, as it’s overwhelmed of numerous unnatural prohibitions. Greek historic Thucydides had stated many years before Christianity, that “it’s impossible, and a great fool is the one who thinks that human laws or intimidation will prevent the human nature impulses”…

Castrated statueThis unprecedented hatred between man and his nature creates a masochistic character, who is aggressive to his own impulses and incessantly self-punished, with no apparent or actual reason… But there’s no sense in masochism without its complementary notion which is sadism… so this “sadomasochistic creature” that Christianity gave birth to, has been capable of the fiercest atrocities that human history has ever known… The hypocritical religious masses, could tolerate the brutal enforcement (by any means necessary) of their doctrine by their pietist leaders, justifying any ferocity to other human beings (in the name of God), but they couldn’t stand the sight of nudity…

Although Christianity is used as a reference, other religions/sects have played their part, too, in the configuration of the mainstream’s taboos, like virginity, as well as other sexual perversions. Muslims or Jews are neither better than Christians, regarding natural human sexuality, virginity, nor they treat women equally.  I have never meant to speak with intentional disrespect of any religion. I don’t intent to offend anyone’s beliefs. This is a subjective opinion and you don’t have to accept it. The point is to think, to ask yourself, why have we demonized love, human sexuality and any other sexually related natural instincts? We are humans, after all, imperfect beings, but why should we feel guilty or fight against our nature? Why a sexually healthy human can’t be close to God?…  Read again carefully the first four paragraphs of the article and you will have your answers.

two beautiful women



…to be continued



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